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to wait for organic way to happen. During an important meeting, you don't have plenty of your capability to recover from producing anxiety. On the other hand, some studies have said some individuals are "stuck" in one thoughts pattern scenario. They do not have neuro defend organic capability of the neuro defend to go freely between different states. Being "stuck" in one main scenario indicates the neuro defend action will be out of balance. Problems will arise when you can't progressively move the neuro defend to match the demands of lifestyle. Therefore, before we discuss how to purposely move our thoughts states, we need first to know the challenges that prevent us from reaching our "natural" states. 2- Obstacles to Neuro defend wave Changes: Our organic capability to go from one thoughts frequency to another can be due to many aspects. These aspects can be summarized by the following: A- Lifestyle Style & Fatigue: if your day-to-day lifestyle style needs you to be on the go for many years every day, you finish up feeling tired and drained. If you party every day and go to function the next day, you will have the fatigue within your own body program. These activities will decrease neuro defendwaves, and if they become your day-to-day lifestyle style, then you make one main frequency which may continue in you. Fatigue also reduces your frequency as the of being tired draws relax feeling. If your frequency reduces for many years, you may not be able to amount it up whenever you need to. B- Medications, Alcohol and Drugs: These aspects have the tendency to slowly up the neuro defend amount. They may even cause damage to your thoughts, especially for cocaine and other medication. With thoughts damage, the managing amount of the neuro defend becomes more progressively and storage area becomes weaker. C-Emotional Stress: If you have a negative emotions for many years, or if you have problems with a severe emotional encounter SEE, the neuro defend will be tired and more progressively. You may not be able to activate each and every aspect of the neuro

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