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Une news a surveiller.

iBet - Spread Betting: http://www.kytegroup.com/execution

Kyte provides connectivity to global futures markets, delivering consistently seamless transactions. The company now offers a new spread betting service through its spread betting division iBet Financials. It allows traders to take advantage of a zero-tax regime when placing spread bets on market movements, with the speed and efficiency critical to trading futures.

Spread betting is a tax-efficient* way of trading the price movements of hundreds of financial and commodity markets provided by Kyte. Spread betting allows the trader to take a position on the price movement of a future, without owning the underlying asset. iBet clients include individuals or groups organized as syndicates, and can spread bet using an algorithm or discretionary approach.


Choice - iBet allows for flexibility regarding choice of high speed platforms with which to place spread bets as the service is compatible with most industry-standard software platforms. The wide choice of platforms allows traders a variety of ways in which to place orders, from simple point and click, to auto-spreaders and even fully automated systems.

Zero Spread. - iBet provides traders with price transparency as it references underlying futures markets and charges a commission per lot instead of adding a ‘spread’ around the actual quote.

Automation – iBet offers a variety of APIs to support algorithmic strategies.

For further information on how to benefit from the tax advantages of spread betting please contact info@ibetfinancials.com

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