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the article below, learn more about this condition's occurrence in children. TAGGED UNDER: Anxiety Advertisement Whatever your age or gender, there's always something to be anxious about.
Endozyn Life is full of little worries and fears. Everyone gets scared but fear can be lived with, fears can be buried and that anxious voice in your head can be controlled. What if it can't? What if you cannot control your fears? What if the monsters under your bed, have decided to live in your head? If you feel fearful of the unknown or anything, all the time then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Simply put, an anxiety disorder (AD) is a mental disorder where a person is continuously anxious or fearful. Fear can take different forms, so there are different ways to classify an anxiety disorder. You can be scared of a specific object or thing, like spiders or snakes. This is a phobic anxiety disorder. You have to follow certain rituals and habits, otherwise you cannot live. This is called Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). You may be anxious around people, hate the pressure of behaving with others and maintaining relationships. This is a case of social anxiety disorder. What if you are scared of the unknown? There is nothing that has frightened you or incited your fear. You are just tense, in an erratic proportion.

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