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The organs, especially the heart is getting stronger, and fat is getting accumulated in the baby's muscles. ✩ Week 22: As the brain is understanding complex sensory perceptions, the fetus becomes capable of distinguishing between different sounds. ✩ Week 23: All the nerve cells that so far had formed and developed independently, begin to join to form a complete nervous system. ✩ Week 24: At this stage, the brain starts to regulate all body functions, and activates the Elixir Neuro Pro auditory and visual systems, which heightens the baby's overall senses. ✩ Week 25: The spinal cord begins to harden and straighten out. Nervous system is more developed and capable of controlling voluntary breathing. The optic nerve is highly heightened in perceiving light from any direction. ✩ Week 26: So far the brain was smooth in its form, but at this stage its tissues begin to develop creased, wave-like formations. The brain waves also get stronger at this stage enhancing auditory and visual sensors. ✩ Week 27: As the brain is actively processing many senses, it is quite possible that your unborn will begin to dream. Brain tissues are also developing fast. ✩ Week 28: The brain is completely monitoring the breathing and regulating body temperature. It continues to develop creases and fissures. This being the beginning of the third trimester, a blood glucose screening is done to determine gestational diabetes. ✩ Week 29-40: The third trimester stage sees that the brain continues to grow and increase rapidly in size, all the while establishing connections between nerve cells. The brain along with the lung is the last organ to develop, and the process is completed,

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